Ccohise County Reentry Coalition


In order to truly unlock the keys to prison, it takes the support of the community to help ex-offenders’ transition back home successfully. CCRC, and its community stake holders are committed to assisting ex-offenders returning to the community by connecting them to local resources; reduce crime which results in the increase of safety in the community, lessen taxpayer burden & reduced recidivism.


Our Mission

CCRC aims to bring together a broad coalition of stakeholders within and around the surrounding community in order to promote the successful reintegration of Cochise County ex-offenders returning to the community; reduce crime, increase the safety of the community, and reduce recidivism. We provide a network of resources to help individuals and their families reconnect and establish healthy, positive relationships and social ties through community resource connections.


Our Purpose

The specific purpose of this corporation is to work with individuals who require assistance integrating back into society – Youth and Adult re-entry services, housing, education, mentoring, tutoring and job training, while coaching and motivating them to enhance their ability to be successful in reaching their highest potential within society.”

Community Outreach

Cochise County Reentry Coalition has been very active during the past year. Some of the events and projects that we have participated in are:

1. Collaboration and net working with agencies, businesses and non-profits throughout Arizona.
2. Locating and referring clients to resources in the community
3. Hosting monthly collaboration and networking meetings
4. Community Awareness through all forms of social media, print media and radio